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Griffins Turn Table to Land Cup

Tile Hill Trojans 78-95 Arden Griffins
The fourth and final meeting in as many weeks of the two giants of Warwickshire
Basketball was supposed to see the climax of Trojans’ season, but a woeful first quarter saw them capitulate and the Bob Castledine Handicap Cup went back with the holders.

The enigmatic Tile Hill side, who had looked so confident and capable a week earlier as they disposed of Griffins’ challenge for the league title, found the going tough and were still smarting from seeing Arden’s handicap start increased from 5 to 15 points. The wily visitors to Hereward College took full advantage though to thwart Trojans with some impressive defensive work, while at the other end, their three-point machine Paul Roberts struck early as Griffins forged ahead to lead 29-5 and Trojans hopes of doing the “double” evaporating.

Finally, in the second period they upped their game and the come-back was on. From 31-13 down, they climbed to 34-28 before Arden halted the charge with baskets of their own as the tempo increased. Dominik Gorgol had three triples soar through the Arden hoop, but Alan Wood countered to take the half-time score to 51-41 in favour of the Solihull side and the scene was set for a riveting second half.

Trojans Power to Fifth Title

Tile Hill Trojans 86-58 Arden Griffins
Tile Hill Trojans powered their way to their fifth Warwickshire Basketball League title
in seven years with a devastating display against Arden Griffins at Hereward College and cannot now be caught at the top.
This was a complete reversal of the game which had taken place the previous week between the two sides, when Griffins threatened to upstage the Champions elect by grabbing their second win over the Coventry side, but defeats in other games meant that Trojans just had to win this one in order to secure the title.
They set about Griffins in whirlwind fashion, scorching out of the blocks to lead 24-12 after the first quarter, with Arden’s usually accurate three-point shooters failing to penetrate the Trojans’ hoop. The second and third periods were more evenly balanced as Paul Roberts’ efforts began to drop and Griffins clawed their way back into it.

Trojans Edge Nearer Fifth Title

Tile Hill Trojans took a massive step towards their fifth Division One title in seven years by gaining revenge and defeating Arden Griffins as the pace hots up.
Trojans have marched away at the top of the table as the others managed to defeat each other and rule themselves out; that is, apart from Griffins who are facing a titanic battle to complete their remaining games before the season ends. They are coming thick and fast for the Solihull- based club who have suffered a wretched run of postponements, leaving them with another seven matches to play, and, they have to win them all in order to surge to the top. One of their major problems is, that they have to face off to Trojans another twice, with both games being on the Coventry club’s home court at Hereward College.

Griffins are the only side to win at Tile Hill this season, and they did it with an impressive final quarter, back in November, but they could not reproduce this in their latest encounter, as Trojans dominated from the off to go 29-15 up after a frantic first quarter.
However much they threatened and they did this regularly throughout an entertaining game, Trojans held firm with Ash Dickson driving through and shooting with dexterity to steer his side towards that coveted title, landing 37 points in the process.
The game was not without its controversy, including one moment when the referee Paul Sidhu called both coaches together to warn them about constantly disputing decisions and to get on with the real issue at hand. This quietened things down for a while and the basketball dominated the eye as Trojans repelled Arden’s long-range shooting. Paul Roberts, who had six three-pointers to his name by half-time, lost his rhythm after the teams had turned with Trojans up by ten, and the home side had moved up a gear to lead 65-50 at the start of the final period.
Andy Carpenter came on strongly for Trojans with some dynamic close-range stuff and it was effectively over before Luke Hatfield fired in a trio of triples to lift Griffins to a respectable finish. Whether or not they can go one better in the coming weeks remains to be seen but there is the mouth-watering prospect of another two of these games, plus a possible cup final to come.

Mini-League to Decide Title Race

As Arden Griffins sit in total frustration watching the backlog of fixtures mount, it looks as if the Division One title race is going to be settled in a mini-league as the two main contenders face each other three times.
Reigning Champions Tile Hill Trojans sit in pole position in the race with five games left, whereas Griffins, ironically bottom of the table due to them having so many fixtures remaining, can surge to the top if and when they finally get played. Arden have managed to complete just two fixtures since Christmas, due to postponements caused by the snow, sports hall closures and emergency cancellations, and for a side with so much talent, their frustration has boiled as they lost both of these games, coincidentally to the same score – 72-70. So the long and short of it comes down to them having nine matches to play before the end of April, and Easter between too.
Their tempers were frayed again at the end of last week, when their home court was commandeered by the school for various other events and they have been forced to pull out of this week’s fixture with Aylesford Hawks, then switch their “home” game against Trojans to Hereward College, a move which will ironically see Griffins visit the Tile Hill club on three successive weeks spanning the Easter break.
Club Secretary Jack Forrest was not happy as he explained, “All we want is some stability. We have been hit by everything possible from a variety of sources, and now, having played just seven games since the start of the season we find ourselves having to try to get, and keep everyone fit to play twice most weeks, almost in panic mode.”

Warwick and Stratford go for Glory

The race for promotion from Division Two is going down to the wire as both Warwick Grizzles and Cracovia Stratford battle it out at the top.
Both came through the latest round of fixtures unscathed, but for Stratford, it was by the skin of their teeth as they scraped home 86-85 over third-placed Tile Hill Trojans 2 at the Stratford Leisure Centre. It was a titanic scrap, and Stratford broke first to lead 18-14 at the end of the first quarter, but four triples from Wayne Jones and Bhuwan Limbu pushed their visitors ahead, before Jamie Coulson responded, but there was enough to see Trojans take a slender half-time lead at 41-39.
From the resumption it was all Trojans and they looked to be on the way to taking all three points at 58-42, but up-stepped Coulson again to lift Cracovia as the gap closed to 65-57. By then the tide had turned completely and Stratford powered on with wave after wave of attacks hitting home as the final buzzer beckoned. Coulson dropped in his eighth three-pointer of the night to put his side within one at 76-75 then they went ahead as Trojans floundered.
Frantic defending from both sides saw a cluster of free-shooting opportunities either squandered or cashed, and it was Stratford who banked the points to claim victory by the narrowest of margins and keep up their challenge at the top.
Warwick Grizzles, in comparison, had an easier time at Warwick china Red, after another exciting game ebbed and flowed before Grizzles hit a match-winning run in the third period. From four down to eight up in three minutes told the story of their final push, and, despite China Red getting back to within one, Grizzlies held on to clinch the victory which keeps them at the head of the table.