Division 1 Club Contacts

Aylesford Hawks


Secretary: Maarten de Jonge
Email: m_de_jonge@hotmail.com
Mobile:  07969 340755

2nd contact: Jim Martin
Email: jamesdmartin@hotmail.com
Phone: Mobile:

Home court: Moreton Morrell College, Warwick, CV35 9BP
Match night: Mondays @ 7.30pm
Team colours: Royal blue (Alternate – Red)



Arden Griffins


Secretary: Jack Forrest
Email: jack_forrest@hotmail.com
Mobile: 07977 599221

2nd contact: Luke Hatfield
Email: lukehatfield1@live.co.uk                                            Phone: Mobile: 07969 349759

Home court: St Peter’s School, Whitefields Rd, Solihull. B91 3NZ
Match night: Thursdays @ 19:45
Team colours: Dark Blue (Alternate – Gold)

Coventry College Colts


Secretary: Westley Bailey
Email: wbailey@coventrycollege.ac.uk
Mobile: 07746 245694

2nd contact: Pete Glackin
Email: pglackin@coventrycollege.ac.uk
Phone: Mobile: 07590 988869

Home court: Coventry College, Henley Road, Bell Green Coventry CV2 1ED
Telephone: 024 7662 6418
Match night: Thursdays @ 7.30pm
Team colours: Red & White (Alternate – White/Blue)



Tile Hill Trojans I


Secretary: Mike Maddox
Email: mike.maddox@trojansbasketball.co.uk
Mobile: 07900 403758

2nd contact: Trevor Robinson
Email: trevlurch@aol.com
Phone: 07979 316035

Home court: Hereward College, Bramston Crescent, Tile Hill, Coventry CV4 9SW
Telephone: 07900 403758
Match night: Monday @ 8.15pm
Team colours: Red/White (Alternate – White)



University of Warwick


Secretary: Thomas Griffith
Email: t.griffith@warwick.ac.uk
Mobile: 07788 962584

2nd contact: Chad Frost-Smith
Email: cbfrostsmith@gmail.com
Phone: 07818 054846

Home court: Main Hall, Sports Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL
Telephone: 02476 523011
Match night: Monday @ 8.15pm
Team colours: Red (Alternate – Black or White)

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