Griffins Turn Table to Land Cup

Tile Hill Trojans 78-95 Arden Griffins
The fourth and final meeting in as many weeks of the two giants of Warwickshire
Basketball was supposed to see the climax of Trojans’ season, but a woeful first quarter saw them capitulate and the Bob Castledine Handicap Cup went back with the holders.

The enigmatic Tile Hill side, who had looked so confident and capable a week earlier as they disposed of Griffins’ challenge for the league title, found the going tough and were still smarting from seeing Arden’s handicap start increased from 5 to 15 points. The wily visitors to Hereward College took full advantage though to thwart Trojans with some impressive defensive work, while at the other end, their three-point machine Paul Roberts struck early as Griffins forged ahead to lead 29-5 and Trojans hopes of doing the “double” evaporating.

Finally, in the second period they upped their game and the come-back was on. From 31-13 down, they climbed to 34-28 before Arden halted the charge with baskets of their own as the tempo increased. Dominik Gorgol had three triples soar through the Arden hoop, but Alan Wood countered to take the half-time score to 51-41 in favour of the Solihull side and the scene was set for a riveting second half.

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