Mini-League to Decide Title Race

As Arden Griffins sit in total frustration watching the backlog of fixtures mount, it looks as if the Division One title race is going to be settled in a mini-league as the two main contenders face each other three times.
Reigning Champions Tile Hill Trojans sit in pole position in the race with five games left, whereas Griffins, ironically bottom of the table due to them having so many fixtures remaining, can surge to the top if and when they finally get played. Arden have managed to complete just two fixtures since Christmas, due to postponements caused by the snow, sports hall closures and emergency cancellations, and for a side with so much talent, their frustration has boiled as they lost both of these games, coincidentally to the same score – 72-70. So the long and short of it comes down to them having nine matches to play before the end of April, and Easter between too.
Their tempers were frayed again at the end of last week, when their home court was commandeered by the school for various other events and they have been forced to pull out of this week’s fixture with Aylesford Hawks, then switch their “home” game against Trojans to Hereward College, a move which will ironically see Griffins visit the Tile Hill club on three successive weeks spanning the Easter break.
Club Secretary Jack Forrest was not happy as he explained, “All we want is some stability. We have been hit by everything possible from a variety of sources, and now, having played just seven games since the start of the season we find ourselves having to try to get, and keep everyone fit to play twice most weeks, almost in panic mode.”

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