Trojans Power to Fifth Title

Tile Hill Trojans 86-58 Arden Griffins
Tile Hill Trojans powered their way to their fifth Warwickshire Basketball League title
in seven years with a devastating display against Arden Griffins at Hereward College and cannot now be caught at the top.
This was a complete reversal of the game which had taken place the previous week between the two sides, when Griffins threatened to upstage the Champions elect by grabbing their second win over the Coventry side, but defeats in other games meant that Trojans just had to win this one in order to secure the title.
They set about Griffins in whirlwind fashion, scorching out of the blocks to lead 24-12 after the first quarter, with Arden’s usually accurate three-point shooters failing to penetrate the Trojans’ hoop. The second and third periods were more evenly balanced as Paul Roberts’ efforts began to drop and Griffins clawed their way back into it.

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